Rules & Gameplay

Here’s our game in a nutshell. Official rules are available on our Captain’s Corner and are handed out to team captains at the beginning of each season.

  • Game is 5-on-5 all-passing flag football.
  • Scoring:
    • Touchdown: 6 pts.
    • Conversions: 1 or 2 pts.
    • Safeties: 2 pts.
    • Returning an Intercepted Conversion: 2 pts.
  • Quarterback has 6 seconds to throw the ball.
  • Muffed snaps behind the line of scrimmage are live.
  • Rushers must be 5 yards off ball.
  • Offense can block rusher(s) only with extended arms.
  • All players are eligible to receive ball.
  • Ball must be caught beyond line of scrimmage.
  • Receiver can advance ball if he falls down and is not touched or flagged.
  • Receivers must have 1 foot in-bounds for legal catch.
  • Shovel passes are allowed.
  • Live punt returns.
  • No kickoffs.
  • Interceptions can be advanced for yardage or points.
  • Fumbles beyond the line of scrimmage are dead at the point of fumble; no change of possession.
  • Initial bump-n-run on line of scrimmage only.
  • Absolutely no blocking or setting picks down field.
  • Defense is not allowed to strip ball after receiver catches ball.
  • Zero tolerance for any unsportsmanlike conduct, including trash talk, verbal abuse and rough play.
  • Offending players will be ejected from tournament play, and no registration fees will be refunded.

The playing field is 30 yards wide and 60 yards in length, with two 10-yard end-zones. Total field size is 30 x 80 yards.

Each team may carry a maximum of 12 players on their roster. Four players are required on the field at all times. Roster changes must be approved by Top Gun Flag Football.

Possession starts at the 10-yard line. Team has:

  • 4 attempts to make a first down at the 30-yard line.
  • 4 attempts to make a first down at the 10-yard line.
  • 3 attempts inside the 10-yard line to make a touchdown.

Games are played in 20-minute running halves, with a regulation clock in the final two minutes of the game if the score is within 14 points. Each team is allowed two 45-second time-outs per half.

Each season concludes with an inter-league tournament. Same game; same rules; same rosters. Games are played in 16 minute halves.

Teams are scheduled for a minimum of three games in one of two ways:

  1. Two games day one for seeding into the second day; or
  2. Three games of round-robin play on the first day, with half the teams advancing to the second day. (Half the teams are eliminated day 1.)

In both cases, teams advance to single-elimination play on Day 2, with a potential for three to four additional games to determine champions and finalists.


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