Rain Policy

Rules & Gameplay

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It is Top Gun’s policy to “Play – Rain or Shine”. The league will only pull off fields if:

  1. The City closes fields, or
  2. If we are concerned that the fields will be damaged with continued use.

In the case that fields are closed, Top Gun will update our main phone line message at the following numbers:



Games will be canceled in advance of play ONLY if a City has closed their fields. Otherwise, Top Gun will assess field conditions on game day.

You can ASSUME GAMES WILL BE PLAYED unless our phone line has been updated.

We ask that you call ONLY our main phone line (877-846-3178 or 714-736-0175) for updates on playing conditions.


Under no circumstances are teams to play, practice or scrimmage on fields that have been closed by the city or by Top Gun. If we get wind of teams playing on closed fields, those teams will be subject to suspension and/or expulsion from the league, with no refunds of monies deposited.


Top Gun Contact Information
Office (direct): 714.736.0175
Office (toll free): 877.846.3178
FAX: 561.892.7916
Website: www.TopGunFlagFootball.com
Email: info@topgunflagfootball.com