Forfeit Bonds

Rules & Gameplay

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Top Gun requires all teams to post a $50 forfeit bond at the beginning of the season. This is intended to ensure teams show for all their scheduled games, and is refundable at the end of the season as long as a team does not forfeit.

Should a team forfeit a scheduled game by not showing or not being able to field a team, the bond is used to pay the official’s fees for that game.

Top Gun will attempt to provide a stat make-up game for any team which wins by forfeit due to lack of opponent, at a cost to that team of $30. (Averaged stats are not applied to games not played.)

In order to continue league play, forfeiting teams must replenish their $50 forfeit bond with the league within two working days. Teams not complying will be removed from the season schedule. Any remaining fees posted by a team dropped due to forfeiture are non-refundable.

Teams with two forfeits in a single week, or over two consecutive weeks, will automatically be removed from the schedule without notice. All posted fees/bonds will be forfeited by the team.


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