Captain’s Constitution

Rules & Gameplay

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1. Sign-Ups

  1. Leagues are filled on a first-come basis. Should Top Gun determine a site must be canceled due to insufficient sign-ups, team captains at that location have the option to:
    1. Select to play at a different location, or
    2. Receive a refund.
  2. Top Gun reserves the right to refuse teams and/or individuals. Players may participate on only one team at any league site and on only one team during tournament play.
  3. Top Gun strives to provide, but does not guarantee, at least two skill divisions at each site. Splitting of skill levels is determined by Top Gun based on the number of sign-ups at each location. Skill levels may be mixed at smaller sites.
  4. Please choose a team name that is appropriate to the situation. Murder, drugs, sex and violence have no place in the name of your team. Team names that are deemed inappropriate may be changed at the discretion of the league.

2. Fees

  1. Each team must post a registration fee ($425 day; $450 night; $500 turf) and $50 forfeit bond before the first official game on Day 1 of the season. Each team is thereafter responsible for paying a $30 officials fee prior to each game played.
  2. For participation in a day league, teams will pay a total of $775 ($425 registration fee + $50 forfeit bond + $300 official’s fees).
  3. For participation in a night league, teams will pay a total of $800 ($450 registration fee + $50 forfeit bond + $300 official’s fees).
  4. For participation in a league played on artificial turf, teams will pay a total of $850 ($500 registration fee + $50 forfeit bond + $300 official’s fees)
  5. Our policy is, “No pay – no play.”
  6. All collections are handled through team captains. All fees paid at the field must be paid in cash, money order or cashier’s check. For your convenience we accept on-line payments by credit card or check.
  7. A team’s forfeit bond is fully refundable at season’s end if the team has a zero balance and has not forfeited any games during the season. At the captain’s discretion, the bond may be 1) refunded to the captain, 2) applied to one of the end-of-season tournaments, or 3) rolled over to the next season. Bonds follow the captain.
  8. Any team with an outstanding balance after the first week of play may be replaced or dropped at the discretion of Top Gun.
  9. All deposits/team fees are unconditionally non-refundable, unless Top Gun cancels a league as detailed under “Sign-Ups”.

3. Scheduling

  1. The team captain is responsible for notifying Top Gun of any scheduling requests (byes, specific game times, etc.) before the 1st week of the season. Top Gun cannot guarantee that all requests will be honored.
  2. With the exception of holidays, byes are scheduled by request only.
  3. We cannot provide any team with a standing game time (or block outs) on a weekly basis.
  4. Each team is scheduled for a minimum of two double headers during the season.
  5. The official schedule for each league will be produced following the 2nd week of play at each location.
  6. The current week’s schedule is updated to our website by Wednesday of each week, with a click-through to the season schedule once available.
  7. Team captains are responsible for verifying their schedules on-line each week.
    1. Be sure to check for double headers!
  8. Top Gun reserves the right to change scheduling, and will notify team captains of such. Team captains are responsible for notifying their teammates of any scheduling changes.
  9. While it is Top Gun’s policy to play “rain or shine”, we will cancel games if we believe fields may be damaged, or if a City mandates field closure. Cancelled games will be re-scheduled later in the season.

4. At the Field

  1. Game time is forfeit time. Please make sure your team arrives early to complete paperwork, suit up, and coordinate fees.
  2. Team captains are responsible for picking up the team’s paperwork each week from a designated person/location, coordinate completion of same, and collect fees. Fees and completed paperwork are due before each game.
  3. Each player must initially complete a waiver form, providing their name, address, phone number, jersey number and signature. In subsequent weeks, players are to initial the waiver and verify their jersey number.
  4. New players may be added to the mid-point of the season (week 4). They must add their name, address, phone, jersey number and signature to the team’s waiver form.
  5. The jersey rule is in effect at all sites starting Week 2 of play. Teams must have uniform shirts with permanently affixed, unique numbers (no tape, magic marker, duplicate numbers, etc.). At the official’s discretion, teams with players out of uniform will be assessed a 2-point penalty per player per game.
  6. All players should wear shoes with molded rubber or removable cleats. Bare feet, street shoes (non-athletic), and shoes with metal clears are not allowed.
  7. The use of drugs, alcohol and tobacco are strictly prohibited. Pets are not allowed at our sites. We also ask that you please remove your trash.

Player Conduct

  1. Top Gun has a “zero tolerance” policy towards any unsportsmanlike conduct, including trash talk, verbal abuse, and rough play.
  2. The team captain is responsible for informing players of all rules, and will be responsible for the conduct of the team and its spectators.
  3. At its discretion, Top Gun (or its officials) may take whatever action is necessary to maintain order, up to and including stopping the game.
  4. Any team or individual expelled from the league due to misconduct forfeits all paid fees/bonds.
  5. Top Gun has a “zero tolerance” policy towards the use of alcohol or drugs.
    1. First offense – One week suspension (player and/or team).
    2. Second offense – Dropped from league play (player and/or team). No refunds.
  6. Players who receive a 2nd personal foul (intentional or not) will be automatically ejected from the game, along with the team captain; play will continue.
  7. Should a team captain receive two (2) personal fouls in a single game, the team will forfeit their game.
  8. Only assigned team captains on the field are allowed to confer with officials during the game. Players who wish to protest calls must remain calm while at the field, and may protest via the team captain to the league director(s).


  1. A game will be ruled a forfeit in the event a team does not show for their game, or by a team’s inability to start or finish the game with a minimum of 4 players.
  2. Teams short players at the scheduled start time will be given a 5-minute grace period to field a minimum team, but will be penalized 7 points. If team is not successfully fielded at the end of the grace period, the game will be an official forfeit.
  3. In order to continue league play, forfeiting teams must post a new $50 forfeit bond with the league within 72 hours of their forfeited game or risk being removed from the schedule at the discretion of Top Gun.
  4. Teams with two forfeits in a single week, or over two consecutive weeks, will automatically be removed from the schedule without notice. All posted fees/bonds will be forfeited by the team.

Game Statistics

  1. Stats are produced for each game played, and are updated to the website weekly. Please notify Top Gun promptly by email if corrections need to be made.
  2. If a game is played but stats cannot be recorded (i.e., due to weather), averaged stats will be generated and applied to the team’s totals. (Averaged stats are not applied to games not played.)
  3. Top Gun will attempt to provide stat make-up games for any teams which win games by forfeit where no game was provided at a cost to that team of $30. (Averaged stats are not applied to games not played.)


Top Gun Contact Information
Office (direct): 714.736.0175
Office (toll free): 877.846.3178
FAX: 561.892.7916