Come out and play in THE BEST adult recreational flag football league in Southern California. The Live! Top Gun game format is exciting and fast moving. We're committed to providing fair but tough games, week after week, in a playing environment that is safe and fun!

Absolutely no other flag football league provides a more exciting game format than Top Gun. We offer year-round play, including Orientations, league play and inter-league tournaments. A team can get 2 scrimmage games during orientation, 10 scheduled games during the season, and 3-6 games in the inter-league tournament. That's 15-18 games!

Over the past two winters, Top Gun Flag Football has had over 400 teams per season. That is over 300 teams more than any league on the West Coast. More teams means more competition, sign up today!

Top Gun Flag Football games are LIVE! Unlike typical flag football leagues, Top Gun keeps the game rolling on wild snaps or if a player forgets his flags or goes down on his own accord. Punt returns are live and interceptions can be run back for yardage or points.

Our leagues are designed to fit around your schedule. Orientations are held at most locations one or two weeks before the season begins. Inter-League Tournament Games are played in addition to our regular 10-Game season. Each league is well organized and games run on schedule. Awards will be given for League Champions, Division Champs and Outstanding Players.

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